Physical Therapy


We are happy to have Vista Physical Therapy and Rehab, PC at the Wellness Center! You can count on us delivering you quality care because we set high standards for our therapists and doctors. 

Jacob Barrack, DPT is the founder of Vista Physical Therapy and Rehab, PC.  His studies at St. Augustine’s University of Health Sciences in San Marcos, Pepperdine University and career with the Philadelphia Phillies have prepared him for understanding injuries. You want to feel better and Vista Physical Therapy and Rehab understands that.

Dr. Jake also understands that therapy can be much more than getting the muscles to work again. Your recovery is combined with education, nurturing relationships and deep awareness of your needs in a comfortable space.

One-on-one, individualized treatment to patients of all ages is delivered by a licensed therapist in an environment built around the patient's needs. Recovering from an injury can be both physically and mentally challenging. We believe that the support and camaraderie amongst our staff and patients, combined with our expert clinical knowledge and skills, makes your healing process enjoyable and extremely effective. 

The Wellness Center and Vista Physical Therapy and Rehab, PC strives to bring you the best care possible utilizing State of the Art equipment, knowledge, experience and a team who cares about your health!

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