Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is an integral part of our overlapping care for you . This has proven to be an extraordinarily important part of our quality care approach that has done wonders for patients from a rehabilitation standpoint that clearly speeds recovery when it comes to back, neck and shoulder pain specifically. Massage is also a form of total therapeutic relaxation that combats the stress and tension of our daily lives and can often ease severe discomfort during pregnancy.

Our massage program is uniquely and integrally woven into our full circle of care, just ask to talk with our Massage Department Director today. We'll explain the true benefits massage can bring, especially when coupled with the wellness and rehabilitation practices we routinely use to speed patient recovery.

Below is a list of the various styles of massage we offer here at the Wellness Center from Deep Tissue Massage to Relaxation Therapy. Each can provide great results and is used in unison with the specialized care program designed for you.

A traditional massage for relaxation that uses gentle stretching, rocking, and kneading to relieve tension and muscle fatigue while achieving deep relaxation. Styles of Relaxation Massage include Swedish, Shiatsu, Face and Scalp and Pregnancy Massage.

Rid your body of tension, release tightness and find relief from chronic and acute back pain caused by injury or overworked muscles. This is an invigorating experience of slowly working into deep layers of muscle tissue to focus on problem areas. Your massage therapist will adjust the pressure appropriately to accommodate your comfort level.  Styles of Deep Tissue Massage include Medical Massage, Sports Athletic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofacial Release.


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